10 coolest kitchen utensils and gadgets to add to your cooking routine

This article will list 10 coolest kitchen utensils and gadgets to add to your cooking routine. You will know how to make smart sourcing decisions after reading our article.

Silicone Mold

If you are a bakeware lover, you might have a preference for metal or glass pans for baking. However, silicone bakeware mold has got much popularity in recent years because of its durability and easy of use. Whats more, silicone has a merit of nonstick. You dont need to add extra greasing oil or parchment paper in the silicone mold. This merit helps you save much money. And their flexibility can go from cold to hot, they are quite light weight, easy to deliver and store.

You can use favorite silicone mold to bake cute desserts, breads and etc. Except using by oven to bake, you can use these molds in microwave, refrigerator and freezer. After you use it to diy these food, you can remove any debris and wash easily.


You cannot preserve food if you dont have tight-sealing glass jars. These jars are available in different styles and sizes. Whether you intend to have these food for a month or more, those glasses jars can help you prevent sunlight from damaging the preserved food.

Kitchen rack

If your kitchen room need extra space or you want to make kitchen room look in order, you need a kitchen rack. You know a well-designed dish drying rack can make full use of vertical space to add large capacity to a drying rack. Usually, three tiers of space can satisfy you need. It is also very convenient for cookers when undertake a big cooking project. You can take one dish or other kitchen utensils easily from the rack. Whats more, your kitchen room will look more clean and nice. Dishes on the rack will not be wet everywhere.

Vinegar bottle

Professional vinegar bottle can store vinegar, oil and sauces. This vinegar bottle cap can seal the bottle firmly. Meanwhile, it can reduce the bottle opening and create a sprinkle dispense. It is very perfect for thinner sauces.


If you want to get vegetable pieces, this tool is a great choice for you. Grater is usually organized by two stainless steel grating surfaces and it always appears in a set. You can grate your vegetables and vegetables pieces will come down to the bowl which is under the grater. Pick down the bowl and make food. The grater is always very easy to clean.


When you drink grape wine or beers, you need a opener to help you open the bottle. In fact, you dont need to purchase sorts of different styles of openers. Just use simple edition with different look.


If you want to use fruit such as strawberry to decorate your dish or cake. You can use this strawberry huller to remove extra green root and leaves. It can help you keep the original shape of strawberry when pick down unnecessary part.


Actually, spiralizer is used most in home cooks. You can see some vegetables are cut in noodle shape by spiralizer. These vegetables look nice and shaped. In our daily life, not only we need cooked food, we also need nice food. Thus, these gadgets are very necessary.


Some people are sophisticated in cutting by knife. However, many are not proficient to use knife. Thus, slicer is a good kitchen aide. You can use it to slice potatoes and other vegetables.

Egg yolk seperator

You know if you remove the yolk from an egg is not always easy, but egg yolk seperator can make this work more easy. Use smart gadget like this tool and get yolk perfectly. Most egg separators are made from stainless steel, silicone, or plastic. Here we recommend silicone material, for it is easy to clean and it is eco-friendly.

In all, after you read our article, you must know different functions of these kitchen utensils and gadgets. You will know how convenient when use them. Then make smart sourcing.

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