Chinese recipe: How to make Beijing Roast Duck at home easily

This article mainly introduces the raw materials of Beijing roast duck, the breeding technology, traditional roasting techniques, how to eat roast duck, as well as the materials and specific methods of making Beijing roast duck. After reading this article, you will know how to roast Peking duck. However, not everyone has the conditions to buy the most authentic Peking duck. Therefore, you can choose duck that are close to the described in this article. The taste of the  duck will be closer to the authentic Peking duck.

The authentic Peking duck is made of selected materials.

The type of Beijing Roast Duck have been bred carefully, constantly developing good varieties and selecting inferior ones. Under the influence of the duck “cramming” method recorded in the Southern and Northern Dynasties of China, the artificial “cramming” method began to appear. Finally, a new breed of Beijing Roast Duck (also known as Peking Duck) was bred. Its coat is white, plump and natural, and the meat is tender and thin.

best peking duck near me
best peking duck near me

Raw materials

The selection of authentic Peking duck is very particular. The raw material duck originated in the Tongzhou Canal and is pure white. This kind of duck later got a resounding name – Peking duck.

According to textual research, the ancestral home of Peking Duck was in the south, and it came to Beijing with water transport in the early Ming Dynasty. Because ducks often eat the food that is dropped from the grain ship, they gradually grow fat. After multiple generations of artificial selection and breeding, they have become the raw material for making Peking ducks today.

Feeding technology

The feeding method of authentic raw ducks is also different from ordinary ducks. Since the muscle fiber of duck is usually thicker than chicken, if it is an ordinary duck without fat filling, there is no oil in the roasted duck meat. The meat is very dry and difficult to swallow. Peking ducks that have been fed have thicker subcutaneous fat. During the roasting process, the subcutaneous fat melts into the muscles, making the duck meat tender and smooth, and the duck skin melts in the mouth.  

Traditional baking techniques

Roast duck should pay attention to the roasting technique. After cleaning the duck, blow the place where the skin and meat are connected, then hang the duck in a cool place and let the skin dry as much as possible, so that the roasted duck can be crispy and crispy. Nowadays, roast duck roasting techniques are basically divided into two schools, namely hanging stove and braising stove, each with its own characteristics. In addition, there are some particularities in the traditional roast duck, such as both of the wood and stove used for roasting have special requirements.

How to eat roast duck

Nowadays, there are many ways to eat Peking duck. The usual way to eat it is to roll lotus leaf pancake with shredded green onion, duck meat, and dip it with sweet noodle sauce. In addition, the lotus leaf pancake should be freshly baked, and the green onion should be selected for the crispy part of the green onion. Now the roast duck restaurant also provides dinners with shredded radish, cucumber and other auxiliary materials, which you can choose according to your preferences.

peking roast duck
peking roast duck


Prepare the main ingredients: Peking duck, the auxiliary ingredients are cucumber and green onion, and the ingredients are soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, honey and sweet noodle sauce.


① It is divided into three parts. First of all, in the first part, we have to deal with the ducks and wash the ducks. It is best to remove the duck wings. Although I have not removed it, it will be much better after it is removed. Then add up the cleaned ducks, or you can use a container to put the ducks in an upright position.

② After the duck is set up, boil a pot of water, use the boiled water and slowly pour it from the top of the duck. Pour the boiling water all over the duck’s body until you see your duck’s skin shrink and expose the pores so that it will not release a lot of oil when it dries. Mix the cooking wine, soy sauce and salt prepared in advance to stir well and apply to the whole body of the duck, and then let it sit there for an hour. Mix the honey with water and apply it to the duck, and then apply it again after half an hour.

③ Put the duck in a cool place, such as in the refrigerator, and let it dry overnight. When the skin of the duck is dry, you can take it out and roast. The more dry the skin is, the crispier it will be. If there is no dry area, you can use a hair dryer to dry the wet area.

④ Reduce the temperature to about 180 degrees and bake for 40 minutes. Then, according to the situation of the duck, if the color of the duck becomes brown and red, it is fine. Turn it over to see if both sides are cooked, if it is cooked. You can take it out to slice the meat, and you need to be careful not to cut it to protect your own safety.

⑤ Add some salt to the flour and boil it with boiling water, then it becomes a hot noodle, add warm water to the flour, and then stir the flour evenly. After the dough wakes up for one hour, pull it into a dough ball twice the size of a thumb. Then make pancakes.

⑥ Put a piece of gauze in the steamer, steam the noodles for a few minutes, and finally roll the chopped green onion and other ingredients into the pancake.

crispy peking duck
crispy peking duck



The duck made in this way is very delicious. There are various recipes on the Internet and it is very troublesome. However, this is simple, easy and good tutorials for you to make peking roast duck. Pay attention that the air-drying of the duck is more important. If it is not air-dried, the crispy skin cannot be used. It is guaranteed, and the baking time must be more than half an hour, do not use low temperature, or you will not see the reaction for a long time. Now, start to make yummy duck!



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