Chinese recipe:how to cook laba congee?

This piece intends to introduce China yummy food laba congee , what ingredients are laba congee include and techniques for making Laba porridge.

Laba porridge is a kind of porridge made with a variety of ingredients during the Laba Festival. Every year on the Laba Festival, I remembered that when I was a child on the Laba Festival, my mother would cook a pot of Laba porridge for us to drink, and we were happily drunk one bowl in the morning. The bowl of laba porridge is fragrant, soft and waxy, nutritious and delicious, cold-proof and stomach-warming. 

The weather in winter is relatively cold, and I feel very comfortable all over my body after drinking a bowl of Laba porridge. Tomorrow is the Laba Festival. Today I will teach you the correct way to do Laba porridge. It is sweet and soft, both of adults and children will love it.

If you like, come and learn how to make Laba porridge, and you can cook a pot of fragrant Laba porridge for your family tomorrow morning. 

laba congee

【Ingredients for Laba Congee】

Ingredients needed: glutinous rice, black rice, barley, purple rice, millet, rice, kidney beans, chestnut rice, peanuts, white kidney beans, lotus seeds, brown sugar and jujube.

[Specific steps]

The first step is to prepare one. Pour the bean ingredients into the basin, add an appropriate amount of water, soak for about 5 hours, and then rinse all the rice ingredients with water for use. Bean ingredients must be soaked in water in advance, which can greatly shorten the cooking time of the porridge.

In the second step, pour an appropriate amount of clear water into the pot, cook the water to a boil, and then put the soaked ingredients into the pot to cook. When cooking porridge, be sure to wait for the water to boil before adding the ingredients. Avoid the situation of muddy bottom.

In the third step, turn the pot to low heat after boiling, cover the pot and simmer for about one and a half hours. After the porridge in the pot is thickened, open the lid and add a little rock sugar, stir with a spoon until the rock sugar melts, and continue cooking again. It takes about 5 minutes. A pot of sweet and glutinous Laba porridge is ready. 

The Laba porridge cooked according to the above method is fragrant, soft and glutinous, and the taste is particularly delicious. Drinking a bowl of warm Laba porridge in the morning makes you feel very comfortable all over the body.

laba congee recipe

Techniques for making Laba porridge:

1. When making Laba porridge, firstly soak the beans in clean water, which can shorten the cooking time of Laba porridge. 

2. Whether it is cooking Laba porridge or other porridge we usually cook, we have to wait until the water is boiled before adding the ingredients, which can prevent the ingredients from sticking to the bottom of the pot after being cooked, causing the rice porridge to become sticky.

3. Whether the cooked Laba porridge is good or not, the heat is very important. Remember to cook the porridge slowly with a low heat, and stir the rice porridge with a spoon frequently, so as to make a pot of strong fragrant Laba porridge. 

What I have shared above is how to make Laba porridge and three techniques. Have you learned it? Hurry up and cook a pot of Laba porridge for your family. The Laba porridge cooked according to the above methods and techniques is sweet, soft and glutinous, nutritious and delicious, both adults and children love to drink.

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