Chinese recipe: How to make hotpot?

This piece intends to introduce what is hot pot, which kind of hot pot is better, how to choose electric hot pot equipment, what are hot pot ingredients and how to cook them at home. It is easy to learn and diy. Eatting hot pot together is a kind of warm atmosphere.

What is hot pot?

In Chongqing, eating hot pot is a common thing. What you eat is not just delicious food, but also a manifestation of local culture. It is also a kind of inheritance of food culture to traditional culture. It can even be said that eating hot pot is a kind of culture, a habit of interpersonal communication.

In the early Chongqing hot pot, a table was put together and eaten together. There was a grid of iron sheets in a large pot. Everyone blanched their own dishes in their respective grids and shared a pot of soup for those who knew and did not know. The biggest feature of this method is that the atmosphere is strong, people are eating hot pot while communicating, which has a positive meaning in promoting communication between people. Nowadays, the hot pot is a family or three or five friends who gather together to enjoy a pot of food.

Chinese hot pot vegetables
  1. Which kind of hot pot is better?

The better hot pot has a thicker body than other pots. The material used is also different from ordinary stainless steel. A good material is composed of a three-layer composite material of stainless steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Generally speaking, the bottom of the pots and pans of general brands on the market are made of three layers of materials, and the pot body is usually made of one layer of stainless steel. High-quality brands use a three-layer design for both the body and the bottom of the pot. This design enables three-dimensional heating from the bottom of the pot to the pot wall, rather than pure bottom heating. When heating, it is equivalent to an oven, so the effect is very good, such a hot pot pot is better.  

Second, how to choose electric hot pot

1. Function selection

When we are using electric hot pot, the most important thing is that the temperature control situation should be stable. Therefore, it is better to choose an electric hot pot with an automatic constant temperature control device when selecting. It is easy to control the heat and temperature, it is more convenient and safe to use. Such an electric hot pot is not easy to burn the pot and the electric heating element.

  • Power selection

When we are choosing electric hot pot, it is also very necessary to understand its power. The power can be selected according to the needs of the family population. At present, most of the electric hot pots on the market have power between 1000W and 2000W, with sufficient firepower and high power, relatively speaking, the electricity consumption will be relatively large. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the socket and power cord when choosing. The power is matched to avoid tripping or short circuit. Generally, a normal family of three people can choose an electric hot pot with a power of 1500W, which is enough to use.

Chinese hot pot near me

Hot pot soup

Basic soup

Choose chicken bones, shiitake mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, radishes and tomatoes. Of course, you can also add one or two pork bones or keel bones for better flavor. Every time I make a hot pot, I use a lot of chicken thighs, and the chicken bones must be left behind. At this point, it can be used together. When processing mushrooms, some unsightly or unpalatable parts can also be used as ingredients for soup. Some radishes that are cut badly are also used to make soup. Since hot pot needs a lot of meat products, some tomatoes will be added to relieve greasiness. Usually, I would suggest that you cook the bottom of the pot from the beginning of the preparation, while cutting and throwing the leftovers into the boiling soup. When the preparation is over, the flavor of the soup will be very good. (It is worth noting that it takes 40 minutes for 8 servings, and novices may have to increase the preparation time by 50%) At this time, it is recommended to add 70% of the soup and 70% of the hot pot base. Add boiling water to the soup part and continue boiling. When the soup base is not enough in the middle of the hot pot, add the remaining hot pot ingredients and the re-boiled soup to maintain a good soup base.

Hot-Pot Ingredients

What are the hot pot ingredients

  1. Meat

Such as beef and sheep pork, pig offal, pig tongue, pig liver, bacon, luncheon meat, hairy belly, yellow throat, duck intestine, chicken wings, crispy sausage, quail eggs, ham sausage, sausage, liver tendon, bullfrog and etc.

In fact, any meat is suitable for hot pot. Beef, pork and lamb are best sliced in advance (you can buy ready-made in supermarkets). These meats are generally ready to be eaten after a few seconds. Cut luncheon meat, ham and etc into thick slices.  

Beef is a must-have dish for hot pot, and fat beef is usually used in hot pot. If you can’t buy fat beef, you can use beef ribs or beef balls. It usually takes four to five minutes to cook the beef balls.

Lamb is also an indispensable meat. Like fat beef, the lamb usually used in hot pot is called fat lamb (meat on the thigh and shoulder of lamb). You can buy them in general supermarkets.

If you like to eat offal, pork offal, pork tongue and pork liver are best to put in the hot pot after removing the fishy smell in salt water or wine. If you can buy duck intestines at the vegetable market, when you cook them in a hot pot, remember the “seven ups and eight downs” method. Chop the duck intestines and boil them in the pot for one to two seconds, then pick them up, repeat eight times. The duck intestines cooked in this way are crispy in the mouth. 

Chinese seafood hot pot
  • Seafood

Such as crab meat, fish balls, fresh shells, oysters, squid, sea prawns, cod fillets and etc.

Like meat, there are many kinds of seafood that can be put in hot pot. There are two types of seafood here: one is fresh seafood, and the other is semi-finished seafood like fish balls.

Fish is usually cut into thin slices, because it cooks quickly, so it is best to put it in the hot pot after the filter spoon.

Shellfish. For example, shrimp, scallops, crabs, oysters, clams, mussels and shrimp are the most common side dishes. Usually shrimp and shells are cooked together (the head of the shrimp can be pulled out or not). Remember to put the shellfish ingredients in the water basin in advance to let them spit out the sand.

Squid and cuttlefish. Use both fresh and dried material. It can add unique flavor to the hot pot soup. If you use fresh cuttlefish, make sure it is cleaned. Dried squid is a bit more troublesome and needs to be soaked in water for 24 hours before using.

Fish balls and fish cakes. These kinds of ingredients are available in supermarkets, and the taste of fish balls is soft and smooth. Because the fish balls are already cooked, they don’t need to be cooked for too long (except for frozen fish balls). 

  • Vegetables

Such as white radish, carrots, tomatoes, winter bamboo shoots, lettuce, leeks, potatoes, yam, kelp, lotus root, cucumber, winter melon, lettuce, lettuce, baby cabbage, cabbage, spinach, cabbage, water spinach, broccoli, coriander and etc.

Seafood and meat are the protagonists of hot pot, but hot pot without vegetables is incomplete. Vegetables can not only relieve greasiness, but also enrich the taste of the soup. You can add any vegetables to the hot pot. I prefer those ingredients that can keep their texture after cooking for a long time. Leafy vegetables. For example, spinach, lettuce, wormwood and etc, the soup will be smashed as soon as it touches the soup, and it will be ready to cook for two or three minutes. This kind of vegetables will taste better in a clear soup pot. If you eat a spicy pot, the leaves will be covered with chili oil, which will taste more spicy. If you like spicy food, you can try it.

  • Mushrooms

Such as mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, eryngii mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, phoenix mushrooms, straw mushrooms, tea tree mushrooms and etc.

Larger mushrooms like shiitake mushrooms are best cut in half and then thrown into the hot pot. It takes 3-4 minutes for such mushrooms to cook. Enoki mushrooms are cooked quickly, about 30 seconds.

Chinese hot pot
  • Soy products

Such as soybean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, tofu, dried tofu, tofu skin, old tofu, oily tofu, yuba, konjac silk and so on.

6. Staple food

If you are afraid of not being full, use the remaining soup to cook the noodles after eating the above ingredients. You can add some hot pot noodles, instant noodles, sweet potato noodles, wide noodles, vermicelli, hand-rolled noodles, gluten and so on.

Essential ingredients for cooking hot pot

  1. Green vegetables. Vegetables are healthy foods that contain a variety of nutrients, such as iron, magnesium, vitamins, etc., and when eating meat dishes with some vegetables, it is not easy to feel greasy and can promote digestion. Therefore, when eating hot pot and green vegetables are indispensable, they can be cooked directly when they are eaten.
  • Sweet potatoes and potatoes. Hot pot is delicious, but some people worry that excessive food intake will lead to obesity. If so, you might as well eat sweet potatoes or potatoes before eating other dishes. These two ingredients are rich in starch and can increase the body’s fullness, so you don’t have to worry about eating too much. We can cut them into slices, rinse them in the soup and eat them soon.

3. Soy products. Soy products are rich in nutrients, such as calcium and protein. Therefore, if we eat hot pot at home, we can soak some tofu skins in advance, and put it on for the hot pot, which is simple and nutritious.

4. Fish and shrimp. Fish and shrimp are rich in protein, but not much fat is inhaled by the body. Therefore, if you are worried about gaining weight by eating meat, you don’t have to worry about this level if you eat fish and shrimp. However, it should be noted that some people are allergic to shrimp, etc., so choose carefully.

5. Chinese yam. Yam is rich in a variety of nutrients. It has a good health effect, can nourish the skin, improve eyesight, enhance memory, and also has a good nourishing effect on the kidneys. But pay attention to those with constipation, those people should eat less.

6. Fungus, shiitake mushrooms. Eating hot pot with some mushrooms can prevent diseases. Fungus can lower blood lipids, soften blood vessels and prevent thrombosis and other diseases. Shiitake mushrooms can help digestion and lower cholesterol. Therefore, when eating hot pot, it can be eaten with some fungus and shiitake mushrooms. The nutrition is comprehensive and healthy. 

Chinese hot pot food
How to cook hot pot at home
  1. Use delicious broth stewed from stick bones or large pieces of meat as the “water” for making hot pot.
  • Put the ready-made hot pot ingredients on the table, plug in the power, and get ready to start the hot pot.
  • There is a little bit of temperature, add the hot pot bottom material. If you like spicy food, you can add more ingredients for the ignition pot. Stir well. Then wait for the pot to boil.

4. The realization of boiling is generally bubbling, and the heat is obviously increased. At this time, you can start adding ingredients.

5. If you are in a hurry, you usually eat the green vegetables firstly, because it occupies a large area and is easy to cook. After that, it is best to put beef balls after the greens have wilted or etc., which are not easy to cook. If the vegetables are cooked, they can be picked up.

6. If you don’t use sesame sauce, the soup will have a taste, so you can put it directly into the bowl and start eating. If you want to dip it, you can put the vegetables in the sesame sauce and eat. Simply put, just mix soy sauce, vinegar and chili. Add coriander and green onions as you like. Chongqing people also like to add sesame oil. If you like a thicker sauce, you can put peanut butter, fermented bean curd and oyster sauce.

What are the hot pot ingredients? What are the necessary ingredients for cooking hot pot? The above is some relevant content compiled for you, I hope it can be helpful to you. The hot pot ingredients should be as healthy as possible.


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