Chinese recipe: How to make lanzhou ramen?

This piece intends to tell you how to make lanzhou ramen noodles. Follow our tutorials and Diy steps by steps, you will eat the most yummy and easy homemade lanzhou ramen.

China lanzhou ramen noodles are not only a simple one-pot beef stew, just add some radish garlic sprouts and coriander to the soup with some stewed meat! Soup is the essence of Lanzhou beef noodles. The soup of Lanzhou beef noodles is not pure broth. The broth only accounts for about 40-50%, and the soup adjustment process is complicated. My recipe is slightly simplified, compared to the noodle shop, but it still takes a longer time to make. The food is destined to be waited! According to this method, you can make the Lanzhou-flavored beef noodles in a relatively simple way at home.  

China lanzhou ramen noodles

If you don’t understand during the production process, you can communicate with me at any time! If you want to operate China lanzhou ramen noodles in other places, this method is also applicable, but you need to be diligent in the process. If you have interested in how to make lanzhou beef noodle, you can also communicate with me.

Regarding to China lanzhou ramen noodles, it is not something you can learn right away, including most noodle chefs, nowadays who are not technically skilled, and the thickness is uneven, the width is uneven, let alone the hollow noodles and the like!

yummy lanzhou ramen

So you can use machine noodles instead. The choice of machine noodles is also very important. I’ll talk about it in detail below. Let’s DIY now.

Ingredients list


Noodles: moderate amount

Beef bone: one

Garlic seedlings: moderate amount

Garlic: one

Lanzhou Beef Noodle Soup: 80g

White radish: one


Beef: 5000 grams

Ginger: 260 grams

Coriander: moderate amount

Salt: 300 grams

Lanzhou beef noodle boiled meat: 40 grams

Chicken Essence: Moderate

Salty: taste

Stew: Craft

One day: time consuming

Difficulty: Advanced

lanzhou ramen noodles

How to make China lanzhou ramen noodles

Rinse the beef stick bones and place them on the bottom of the pot, so that the meat will not stick to the bottom of the pot.

  • Rinse the beef and put it on top of the stick. I chose the beef brisket and the first half of the beef ribs. These two parts have fat and tendons, and the soup is very fresh. If you doesn’t use beef brisket, you can choose a little fat beef!
  • This is the beef breast meat, which is a delicacy among Lanzhou beef noodles!
  • Soak the beef in clear water for 4 hours. It can also be soaked for 2-3 hours. Basically, the water is changed every 1.5-2 hours. The blood water in the noodle shop is reserved for use, so we can skip this step of making it at home! The picture shows the soaking good beef. It must be soaked until the flesh is whitish! This is very important!
  • Put the soaked beef on the grate to control the moisture. The pre-processing of the meat must go through the four steps of one flush, two washing, three soaking and four controls. You can’t save one step!
  • The controlled meat can be boiled in a pot under cold water. Be sure to use cold water! As the heating process, you will slowly see dirty blood foam emerging, so patiently beat the foam until the soup is clear.
  • Add ginger slices and material packets.
  • Press a plate on top of the meat, let the whole meat soak in the soup, start to simmer, add salt after an hour! The cooking time varies from place to place, usually about 3 hours, turn it over in about an hour, let the material package give the meat at an even taste.
  • Boil the seasoning water while cooking the meat, take an appropriate amount of Lanzhou beef noodle soup, put it into the pot, add water to the pot, boil for about 30 minutes, leave the heat to clarify and set aside (more water, or it will take a long time to boil it dry).

homemade ramen broth

After the meat is boiled, let it out and dry it on a plate. The meat is cooked until the chopsticks can be easily pierced, and the homemade ramen broth is ready for use. Beat the butter in the broth and set aside.

Cut the radish into square slices, boil it in water until it is transparent, soak it in cold water for later use.

Cut the garlic sprouts from the middle, chop the coriander and set aside. Here you can use garlic crusher or grater to make coriander into pieces.

Add ginger and garlic to water and use a blender to make ginger and garlic juice.

Now start to adjust the soup. Add broth (about 40% of the whole pot of soup) to the pot, then add seasoning water (only pour the clarified part above, no slag), and bring the water to a boil and turn to low heat.

After the soup is boiled, add sliced radish, butter and ginger garlic juice. Just add salt and chicken essence. Look at the pot of soup, how beautiful!You can choose machine noodles as noodles. For fine noodles, you must choose cylindrical ones. Of course, you can also choose wide leek leaves and so on, add some dietary alkali, the noodles will have the flavour of Lanzhou beef noodles when you cook. The main ingredients of the commonly used noodles are actually salt and alkali!

After the noodles are cooked, fish out and add the soup, put garlic sprouts and coriander on top, you can start eating!

Lanzhou beef noodles, also called clear soup beef noodles, has a long history and a long-standing reputation. Traditional Lanzhou beef noodles are very particular about noodle essence and soup, with soup as the most important thing. It is said that the soup is made of beef, lamb liver and 20 kinds of condiments. Lanzhou people often boast that noodle is “one clear, two white, three red, four green and five yellow”, that is, clear soup, white radish and red spicy oil, green garlic sprouts, and yellow noodles. Harmony and unity of shape.

easy homemade ramen

China lanzhou ramen noodles making method:

Soak the beef in cold water for three hours, wash and cut into large pieces after soaking.

Prepare the meat stew: 2 green onions, 10 dried chilies, 2 star anise, 1 teaspoon of fennel, 2 spoons of Chinese pepper, 1 grass fruit, 1 grasshopper, 1 nutmeg, 1 small piece of ginger, 3 slices of ginger, four spoons of salt and three bay leaves. Fill up the seasoning balls other than ginger slices, dried chilies, green onions and bay leaves.

Put the beef into the pressure cooker and add half a pot of water.

Put in all the seasonings and turn on high heat until it boils.

After boiling, use a spoon to skim any foam on the surface.

The pressure cooker is covered with a valve, and the fire is high for 20 minutes after exposing to the atmosphere.

Start kneading: Take a small half teaspoon of edible alkali, dissolve it with warm water, and pour it into the flour. 

Add half a spoon of salt to the flour, stir with chopsticks to form a flocculent shape and knead. 

When kneading until the surface is basically smooth, sprinkle a little dry flour underneath, and then use a basin to buckle the dough for 20 minutes; then knead every 20 minutes for a total of three times.

After the beef is simmered, remove the meat and let it cool, skimming all the spices in the soup.

After the beef is cool, cut into small pieces for later use. Peel the white radish, cut into small pieces, pour it into the beef broth, and simmer for 10 minutes.

Roll out the dough and cut into noodles one centimeter wide.

Put a piece of noodle on the palm of your hand, rub it with both hands, one by one, until the whole noodle becomes cylindrical and the diameter is half the width of a chopstick. Put the kneaded noodles in a basin and sprinkle a little dry flour to avoid sticking.

Add boiling water to the boiling pot, add a spoonful of salt, and then add the kneaded noodles. (It will cook for about 5-7 minutes. Add cold water several times during the cooking.)

Chop the shallots and coriander into fines and set aside.

Put the boiled noodles into a bowl, add the hot beef broth, add beef diced, chopped coriander, chopped green onions, and then add a little chili oil.








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