DIY lamb mince recipes: Lamb skewers

Tutorials on how to make lamb skewers as yummy lamb mince recipe.

Lamb skewers practice:

lamb mince recipe
lamb mince recipe
  1. Cut the lamb into evenly-sized pieces and put them in a large bowl.

2. Add salt, black pepper, five-spice powder and cumin powder.

3. Put in cumin.

4. Add rosemary.

5. Wash the onions, cut into diced pieces, and put in a bowl.

6. Slice ginger and put in a bowl.

7. Add sugar, mix well, and add a little oil.

8. Grab and mix evenly, marinate for half an hour.

9. Use iron brazing to make lamb skewers.

10. Turn the oven to a slightly higher temperature and wait for the temperature

to rise.

11. Put the meat skewers one by one, brush a little oil with a brush, turn it

over and brush again.

12. Turn over from time to time and bake until the meat is cooked.

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