Diy quick biscuit cake recipe

This piece intends to show you how to make quick biscuit cake recipe.


1  egg

20  grams of water

75g  caster sugar

200g  butter

80  grams of ground peanuts

1  pack of biscuits

100g  pure milk

100g  Chocolate sauce

quick biscuit cake recipe

The practice of biscuit cake:

The eggs are quickly beaten with an electric whisk until the color becomes lighter for later use.

Boil the water and sugar to 125 degrees until it becomes a little thick with a spoon.

Continue beating the eggs, adding the cooked sugar water while beating, and continue beating until the temperature drops.  

Beat the eggs and sugar water until the outside of the utensil is not hot. While beating, add the butter that has softened at room temperature in portions and stir evenly.

Finally add the chocolate sauce and stir well.

Take 6 biscuits and arrange them, brush the milk to soak the biscuits.

Spread butter cream on the biscuits with a small spatula.

Sprinkle ground peanuts evenly on the cream.

Spread some butter cream on the ground peanuts.

Then cover with a layer of biscuits (6 pieces), then brush the milk to soak the biscuits in the same way, and sprinkle the cream with crushed peanuts.

Lay a total of three layers, put the biscuits (6 pieces) on the top layer, and brush the milk to soak the biscuits.

Sprinkle with chocolate butter cream, evenly sprinkle ground peanuts on the surface, put it in the refrigerator for a few hours until the cream is solidified. Easy to take out, cut into small pieces with a knife and eat.

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