Easy tutorials for making mung bean crust and red bean filling mooncake


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This article intends to tell readers how to make mung bean crust and red been filling mooncake. You will know how to make it after you read our article. It is very easy to do as long as you are patient to read over the practices.

mung bean mooncake
mung bean mooncake

The practice of mung bean crust:

Soak the mung beans for two hours, rinse them well, put them in an electric pressure cooker and cook for 30 minutes. Put those cooked mung beans into the juicer to make a juice, filter the bean dregs with a colander and get the juice. Add a certain amount of mung bean juice to the flour, put it in a bag and let it rise for 20 minutes, knead it into a green dough, divide it into 25 grams and squash the dough.

Red bean paste practise:

Soak the red beans for two hours, rinseā€¦

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