How to DIY Mushroom Dumplings?

This article mainly introduces how to prepare mushroom stuffed dumplings and how to make mushroom stuffed dumplings.

In fact, there are various fillings for dumplings, such as cabbage and pork, leek and egg, celery and beef or etc., all of which are more traditional. Since I taste mushroom stuffed dumplings are delicious, I often use them to make dumplings. In the past, I used meat with mushrooms. Today I changed a combination to make stuffing: Mushrooms and shrimps. The mushrooms are tender and juicy, and the shrimps are nutritious. It is a very nutritious and healthy ingredient combination.

mushroom dumplings

Gradually add water to the flour, stir with chopsticks to form a floc, knead into a smooth dough, seal it and put it aside, knead for a while until the dough is smooth.

Remove the shrimp skin and shrimp line from the prawns, wash and chop half of the shrimp into minced shrimp and half of the shrimp into small pieces. The shrimp processed in this way has the best taste. Put the shrimp meat into the pot with the stuffing, add peanut oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and oyster sauce and stir well, preferably in one direction.

Add onion and ginger and mix well.

Wash the mushrooms, squeeze out the moisture from the mushrooms, chop them into pieces, add them to the bowl and stir well.

Finally, add an egg, stir well, and the dumpling filling is ready. Put them in the order of the steps, the dumpling filling is delicious, because the mushrooms contain a lot of water, so the soup in the dumplings will also be very rich.

After the dough is ready, knead it until smooth, roll it into a long strip, shape it into a small ball, roll out a slightly thin dumpling skin, and put the filling in the middle.

mushroom dumpling recipe

Put the two sides of the dumpling skin together on the index finger, and gently into Yuanbao dumplings by two thumbs . Repeat until all the dumplings are wrapped. Put them in a pot of boiling water and cook!

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