How to DIY strawberry peanut butter ice cream?

Many girls should like delicate, smooth and cool ice cream very much. I like the strawberry peanut butter ice cream very much. If this is not the strawberry season, try to use strawberry jam to DIY strawberry peanut butter ice cream, because strawberry jam contains sugar, you can reduce the amount of sugar when making it.

strawberry peanut butter ice cream

The following is the tutorials of how to DIY strawberry peanut butter ice cream.


Egg yolks: 2

Milk: 200ml

Whipped cream: 150ml

Lemon juice: 1 spoon

Sugar: Appropriate amount

Peanut Jam: Moderate

Strawberry Jam: Moderate

peanut butter strawberry ice cream


1. Reserve raw materials.

2. Put the egg yolks in a whisk, add 40 grams of sugar and a teaspoon of lemon juice.

3. Beat with a hand mixer until creamy.

4. Then add milk and mix well.

5. Cook the egg custard over low heat until it thickens (stir while cooking to avoid sticking to the pan), pour it out and cool it for later use.

6. Shake the whipped cream and pour it into a container, add 40 grams of sugar.

7. Beat the ice water with an electric egg beater at medium speed until 60%.

8. Pour the whipped cream into the boiled and cooled egg milk.

9. Pour an appropriate amount of strawberry jam and peanut butter into the ice cream paste.

10. Mix well and pour into the crisper.

11. Pour some strawberry jam and peanut butter on top (no need to stir).

12. Place in the refrigerator to freeze. Every hour, give it a stir.

13. Stir a few times and serve. When serving, scoop into a small cup and garnish with strawberries.

How to wholesale silicone kitchen utensils at factory price and resale for big profits?

This article intends to introduce the trends of silicone kitchen utensils, that means there is a big market for selling those products. This is the reason why you should choose silicone kitchen utensils to source. Make the next step, how to wholesale silicone kitchen utensils at factory price. As long as you get competitive price, you will have enough profits when resale those products. How to sell them well in your domestic market? You need to make some strategy on price and marketing.

Why choose silicone kitchen utensils?

Furthermore, the growing trend of smart kitchens is influencing the market growth as it leads to a change in the purchase pattern of the consumer group. An increase in the residential side of the market is also fueling market growth. For instance, as per census 2011, in India, the household count has increased from 52.06 million to 78.48 million. In other countries, a growing population due to increasing immigrants from different countries has surged the number of household consumption, thus propelling the market demand for the product.  

News from : 

Kitchenware Market Report Scope

Report AttributeDetails
The market size value in 2020USD 62.01 billion
The revenue forecast in 2025USD 77.40 billion
Growth RateCAGR of 5.0% from 2019 to 2025
The base year for estimation2018
Historical data2015 – 2017
Forecast period2019 – 2025
Quantitative unitsRevenue in USD million/billion and CAGR from 2019 to 2025
Report coverageRevenue forecast, company ranking, competitive landscape, growth factors, and trends
Segments coveredProduct, distribution channel, region
Regional scopeNorth America; Europe; Asia Pacific; Central & South America; Middle East & Africa
Country scopeU.S.; U.K.; Germany; China; India; Brazil; Saudi Arabia
Key companies profiledBoffi; Scavolini S.p.a; Tupperware; Viners; Chasseur; Kenwood Limited; TTK Prestige Ltd.; Miele; Whirlpool Corp.; Kitchenaid
Customization scopeFree report customization (equivalent up to 8 analysts working days) with purchase. Addition or alteration to country, regional & segment scope.
Pricing and purchase optionsAvail customized purchase options to meet your exact research needs. Explore purchase options
wholesale silicone kitchen utensils
wholesale silicone kitchen utensils

What are the benefits of using silicone kitchen utensils, analysis of the advantages of silicone kitchen utensils [hot recommendation]

Silicone kitchen utensils are not strange to many of our families. Although there are still families using traditional kitchen utensils, in fact, silicone kitchen utensils have entered the lives of many of us, but many people are very skeptical about this new product, then whether silicone kitchen utensils can be used safely, and whether the use of silicone kitchen utensils can bring benefits.

As a new type of kitchen utensils, silicone kitchen utensils have the advantages of being soft and are not harmful to the non-stick coating, so they are now widely used around the world. Compared with plastic kitchen utensils that are not heat-resistant, silicone rubber cookware can withstand high temperatures of 200°C and can maintain its original shape. In future, this new type of silicone rubber cookware is very likely to replace traditional iron cookware and be accepted by customers all over the world. In fact, silicone is a synthetic rubber that combines silicon with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elements. Silica gel is a working term and includes many classifications. And silicon is a ubiquitous natural element that is very abundant in sand and rocks, and we can often come into contact with them. The pacifiers and pressure cooker sealing rings used on baby bottles in daily life are classified as silicone products, but these are food-grade silicone.

There is no doubt that the raw material used for this product is silica gel, and the main component of silica gel is a natural component that exists in sand, stone and crystals. Silica gel is like the tempered glass that everyone usually sees. It is non-toxic, colorless, odorless and does not dissolve other solvents except water, strong alkali and sulfuric acid. Its chemical properties are very stable, so silicone kitchenware is very environmentally friendly. Zero pollution.

Compared with other iron, stainless steel and porcelain kitchen utensils, silicone kitchen utensils also have many very popular advantages. Silica gel is a basic enzyme adsorption material. It has high wear-resistant flexibility, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and high temperature resistance, so it is not easy to produce rust, heat, easy to break and other difficulties in the entire process of use.

In addition, silicone kitchenware also has a high temperature adaptability, so it can be used in daily life whether it is hot or cold drinks. And in the cold winter, it can also have the function of heat insulation, and in addition to heat insulation, it will not burn the hands of the user.

Silicone kitchen utensils are related to ceramic, plastic and hardware kitchen utensils. Silicone kitchen utensils work well with temperature. Whether the food is cold or hot, it can maintain the temperature of the food itself, reduce temperature changes and losses, and place them in silicone bowls or basins for a period of time. The food can still maintain the original temperature, and the corresponding temperature will not be transmitted to the user during use.

How to wholesale silicone kitchen utensils

List the items you want to wholesale. Then find them on your site. If your items have not been showed on our site, you can provide your item image and we will give you quotation. Not all of our products are listed on our site.

How to resale those silicone kitchen utensils?

After you import silicone kitchen utensils from us, choose a online platform to resale (amazon, ebay). or sell at your local store.

How much you know about your market?

1. Reflect on your passions and interests.

Do you have any hobby or skill you are passionate about or good at? Take some time to fill in the questionaire.

  • 2. Identify clients’  needs.

 What’s their motivation to buy your products?

3. Research competition.

Research how many competitors are existed in current market.

4. Test your product or service.

Test how popular your product is in current market.

How to Price Your Product?

After understanding the fundamentals of brand pricing, we know that consumer psychology plays an important role in the pricing process. So in this case, are there any tricks that can be exploited or catered to the psychology of consumers? The answer is yes. Generally, the more commonly used method is to try to make consumers feel cheap, such as bait method, bundling method, free method and so on.

The second method is the bundling method, that is, bundling. The core of bundling is to reduce sensitivity to a single high-priced product, and through combination, consumers feel that they can buy more for less.

When consumers face packaging, they will always unknowingly ignore their needs for the products in the packaging. As long as the packaging provides a service to their satisfaction, it is very forgiving about parts that may not be needed, and products you would never buy also go into your pocket if sold separately. Through bundling, brands can maximize sales of slow-moving products with star products without compromising consumer satisfaction. 

So finally let’s talk about the free method. Many people may think that they have never encountered a merchant who uses this method, but I believe that everyone has actually enjoyed this free shipping service. The process of people’s consumption is actually a process of choice. Choosing the right product, choosing a lower price, choosing an affordable combination, is based on what the consumer will pay. When the product is free, consumers still have to pay. 

Simple tutorials: dumplings how to make step by step

Our article intends to introduce six kinds of dumplings and tell people how to make them step by step. If you would like to eat yummy dumplings by hands, just follow us.

dumplings how to make

Dumplings are a kind of cooked wheaten food. Dumplings are shaped like ingots, which means to bring wealth and treasures, so they are an indispensable staple food on the New Year’s Eve dinner table.

Dumplings originated in ancient times and have a history of more than 1,000 years. The way of eating dumplings is no longer limited to boiled and eaten, and the methods are also diversified. Today, I will share 6 kinds of home-style dumplings, including meat and vegetarian, simple and easy to learn, you can learn how to eat 6 kinds of dumplings in one minute. If you like to eat dumplings, you can collect them and try to make them for your family.  

fried dumpling

How to make fried dumplings with leeks and radishes?

This pan-fried dumpling, with some crispy radishes added to the filling, is fresh, crispy and tender, and unexpectedly fragrant.

Dumpling materials: 300 grams of all-purpose flour, 180 grams of cold water for flour, 1 leek, 2 eggs, 150 grams of crispy radish, 40 grams of vegetable oil, 10 grams of sesame oil, and a little salt.

Ice flower material: 10 grams of starch, 10 grams of all-purpose flour, 100 grams of cold water.

1. Put flour and cold water into a pot, first stir with chopsticks to form a flocculent shape, knead into a smoother dough, cover with plastic wrap for 15 minutes, knead again, the dough is soft and smooth;

2. Pour an appropriate amount of vegetable oil into the pot. When the oil is warm, pour the beaten egg liquid into the wok, and keep stirring with chopsticks to make the eggs solidify and agglomerate at the same time, and the egg pieces are small and uniform;

3. Chopped chives for later use;

4. I used a bag of 150 grams of crispy radish, and chopped it with a knife, so that it can be integrated with eggs and leeks;

5. Mix the chopped eggs, minced chives, chopped radish with a pinch of salt and 10 grams of sesame oil;

6. Roll out the prepared dough into a round skin, take an appropriate amount of egg, leek and radish stuffing and place it on the round skin;

7. Make dumplings according to your own method, and place each dumpling in a frying pan or on a floured curtain;

8. Put the dumplings in the frying pan, pour a proper amount of oil (outside of the amount), and turn on the fire to shape the bottom;

9. While frying the dumplings, make an ice flower syrup: 10 grams of starch + 10 grams of all-purpose flour + 100 grams of cold water, make a slurry without lumps and granules for later use;

10. After frying beautiful golden brown marks on the bottom, turn to low heat;

  1. Stir the starch slurry evenly again, scoop 1/3 of it into the frying pan with a small spoon, cover the lid, and steam the upper skin of the dumplings with the water vapor in the starch slurry; open the pan after hearing the squeaking sound Cover, put water vapor, put a large plate on the dumplings, hold the plate with one hand, and hold the pot upside down with the other, and the fried dumplings with ice flowers are all on the plate; it can be dipped in balsamic vinegar or chili oil to add more flavor.
hot and sour soup dumplings

How to make hot and sour soup dumplings with pork and cabbage?

This sour soup dumpling, the meat filling is delicious and bursting with juice, the sour and spicy appetizers, a bowl of hot and sour soup dumplings for breakfast, the more you eat, the warmer.

Ingredients: 200 grams of flour, 120 grams of cold water, appropriate amount of cabbage, 150 grams of meat filling, a little vegetable oil, a little oyster sauce, a little salt, 2 shallots, 1 small piece of ginger, 1 coriander, 1 hot pepper, some vinegar, the amount of chili oil.

1. Prepare the flour, minced meat, cabbage, chives, coriander and ginger;

2. First mix the dough with cold water, cover it with plastic wrap for 15 minutes, and then knead again, the dough is smooth, soft and moist;

3. Put minced shallots, minced ginger, salt and oyster sauce in the meat filling. If you want to eat a heavy color, you can also add an appropriate amount of soy sauce;

4. Stir well, because there is no water in the meat filling, so the oyster sauce is quickly eaten into the meat, and the whole meat filling looks a little dry;

5. Chop the cabbage into pieces, drizzle a little oil and mix well to prevent too much juice from oozing out;

6. Put the minced cabbage into the meat filling, do not mix it first, to prevent the soup from being stirred too early;

7. Put the dough on the chopping board, sprinkle a proper amount of flour, roll it into a long strip, and cut it into evenly sized doses;

8. Roll out into a round skin with a slightly thicker center and a slightly thinner edge, the size is as you like;

9. Put an appropriate amount of cabbage and pork stuffing on the round skin, wrap, pinch or squeeze into dumplings according to your own methods;

10. Put it in a pot of boiling water, and in the middle of the process, pour a little cold water three times when the water is boiling, and then the pot is ready;

11. When cooking the dumplings, add a hot and sour sauce: cut the coriander into inch sections, cut the chili pepper into circles, put the balsamic vinegar, light soy sauce, and chili oil into the bowl;

12. Ladle the dumplings with the soup into a bowl and mix with a spoon. The hot and sour soup dumplings are ready, and the main food and soup are also available. Eat a bowl in winter and it will warm up soon.

egg dumplings

How to make delicious egg dumplings?

This egg dumpling is mainly filled with eggs and meat, and the golden color is beautiful and delicious.

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 150 grams of pork filling, 30 grams of soy sauce, 30 grams of oyster sauce, a little salt, a little minced ginger, 1 teaspoon of starch, and a little vegetable oil.

Kitchenware: nonstick frying pan

1. Mix the pork stuffing with seasoning and marinate for about 15 minutes;

2. Crack 4 eggs into a bowl;

3. After the eggs are broken up, add a little salt and a teaspoon of about 3 grams of starch;

4. Stir well and evenly without dry powder;

5. Put a little oil in the mini frying pan. After the pan is hot, scoop a little egg mixture and mix well. After the bottom is solidified, put an appropriate amount of meat filling on one side;

6. Use chopsticks to lift the opposite side and cover it on the side with the meat filling. It doesn’t matter if the skin is broken, use a small spoon to add a little egg liquid on it, and then turn it over and fry it.

How to make fried dumplings with eggs and chives?

This fried dumpling, stuffed with egg and leek, is crispy, juicy and delicious!

Materials: 300 grams of all-purpose flour, 180 grams of cold water, 3 eggs, 1 leek, 30 grams of vegetable oil, 10 grams of sesame oil, and 3 grams of salt.

fried dumpling recipe
  1. Put the flour and cold water into a bowl, first stir with chopsticks to form a floc, cover with plastic wrap for 10 minutes and knead again, the dough is soft and moist;

2. Wash the leeks, drain the water, and 3 eggs;

3. Crack the eggs into a bowl, and then pour about 20 grams of cold water to dilute it, so that the fried eggs are tender and fluffy;

4. Pour oil into the frying pan. When the oil is warm, pour the egg liquid into the pan, and use chopsticks to keep stirring into small pieces of eggs; use the eggs after cooling;

5. Chop the leeks into pieces, put them in a large bowl with the egg pieces, pour a little sesame oil and sesame oil and sprinkle with salt before wrapping the dumplings, and mix well;

6. Roll the dough into long strips, cut them into evenly sized pieces, and roll them into small round skins with a slightly thicker center and a slightly thinner edge;

7. Put an appropriate amount of stuffing on the skin and wrap it into a dumpling shape according to your own method. If you want to look good, pinch a few laces to make the dumplings more plump;

  • Put each dumpling directly in the frying pan until it is full; before heating, pour some vegetable oil (outside of the amount) along the edge of the dumpling, heat it on high heat first, then turn to medium and low heat, the bottom is shaped and browned;

9. Because the dumplings are relatively full, you can turn over and fry them, pour a little water, cover the lid and simmer for 2 minutes; the filling is plain stuffed with eggs and leeks, just fry the dumplings on 3 sides until they are cooked and browned.

It can be dipped in vinegar and chili oil when eating. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is a fast and nutritious snack.

How to make steamed dumplings with carrot and shrimp hot noodles?

Carrot stuffing made a pot of steamed dumplings. It was fully steamed in 10 minutes. Although there was no meat, it was more fragrant than meat. The skin of the hot noodles was soft and not hard after cooling.

Ingredients: 1 carrot, 50 grams of dried shrimp, appropriate amount of vegetable oil, a little salt, 2 shallots, 100 grams of flour, and appropriate amount of boiling water

Time: 10-15 minutes on fire

1. Put the flour into the basin, let the freshly boiled water dry for 5 minutes, turn around the side of the basin and pour it into the flour, and stir with chopsticks to form a flocculent powder without dryness;

2. When the temperature of your hands is acceptable, knead the dough and cover it with plastic wrap for 15 minutes;

3. Let’s deal with the stuffing: wash the carrots and peel off the skin;

4. Use a grater to wipe the filaments;

5. Pour oil into the wok, when the oil is a little warm, pour the shrimp skins into the wok and stir-fry until crispy;

6. Mix the shredded carrots with shrimp skin oil, minced shallots and a little salt. The shrimp skin is salty and carrots are sweet, so add salt as appropriate;

7. Put the prepared dough on the chopping board, sprinkle a little flour and roll it into long strips, cut into evenly sized pieces, press flat and roll out into a round skin with a slightly thin edge;

8. Put an appropriate amount of carrot and shrimp skin stuffing on the skin and wrap it into dumplings according to your favorite method;

9. All the dumplings are wrapped, put them on the drawer cloth of the steamer, boil over high heat, and steam for 10-15 minutes after the water is boiled. After the time is up, simmer for 3-5 minutes to prevent the surface from shrinking due to sudden cooling when the lid is opened, which affects the appearance. When eating, it can be eaten directly or dipped in sauces, with different flavors.

pan fried pork dumplings

How to make egg dumplings?

If you want to save the trouble, you can just fry the dumplings directly. Make them into fried dumplings with ice flowers, beat an egg and pour them in. It looks delicious and nutritious.

Ingredients: 300 grams of flour, an appropriate amount of 80-degree boiling water, an appropriate amount of cold water, 1 white radish, 50 grams of vegetable oil, 1 bowl of dried shrimps, 6 chives, 1 egg, and an appropriate amount of salt.

1. Put the flour into the basin, mix the flour with hot water, and knead it into a dough;

2. Wash the white radish, and prepare the shallots and shrimp skin;

3. Grate the white radish into shreds, add 1 gram of salt, mix well, and squeeze out the excess radish juice;

4. Chop the shallots, soak the shrimp skins in cold water;

5. Put the dough on the chopping board, knead it into a long strip, cut it into evenly sized pieces, and roll it into an oval skin;

6. After the wok is heated, pour 50 grams of oil, then pour the shrimp skins into the oil, stir fry on low heat until fragrant, slightly yellow, do not fry too dry or too burnt, pour it into a small bowl and let it cool; pour the shallots and fried shrimp skins Add the radish, add salt and stir well;

7. Put an appropriate amount of shredded radish filling on the round skin, how much depends on your level;

8. Knead it into a willow leaf shape. It is also said that this is a wheat ear dumpling. It doesn’t matter what it is called. If you can’t pinch it, you can watch my little video, or you can shape it into any shape you like;

9. The wrapped willow leaf dumplings can be placed directly into the pot and drizzled with a little oil;

10. Start the fire and hear a sizzling sound. Use chopsticks to pick up the dumplings and turn them over. The bottom is shaped and browned;

11. Pour half a bowl of water into the frying pan, cover with a lid, turn to low heat, and simmer until the water is dry;

12. Crack an egg into a small bowl, pour half the weight of the egg liquid in cold water, and stir well;

13. The diluted egg liquid is very evenly distributed in the pot, and the taste is fresh and tender, and it can be taken out of the pot after solidification.

How to DIY Mushroom Dumplings?

This article mainly introduces how to prepare mushroom stuffed dumplings and how to make mushroom stuffed dumplings.

In fact, there are various fillings for dumplings, such as cabbage and pork, leek and egg, celery and beef or etc., all of which are more traditional. Since I taste mushroom stuffed dumplings are delicious, I often use them to make dumplings. In the past, I used meat with mushrooms. Today I changed a combination to make stuffing: Mushrooms and shrimps. The mushrooms are tender and juicy, and the shrimps are nutritious. It is a very nutritious and healthy ingredient combination.

mushroom dumplings

Gradually add water to the flour, stir with chopsticks to form a floc, knead into a smooth dough, seal it and put it aside, knead for a while until the dough is smooth.

Remove the shrimp skin and shrimp line from the prawns, wash and chop half of the shrimp into minced shrimp and half of the shrimp into small pieces. The shrimp processed in this way has the best taste. Put the shrimp meat into the pot with the stuffing, add peanut oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and oyster sauce and stir well, preferably in one direction.

Add onion and ginger and mix well.

Wash the mushrooms, squeeze out the moisture from the mushrooms, chop them into pieces, add them to the bowl and stir well.

Finally, add an egg, stir well, and the dumpling filling is ready. Put them in the order of the steps, the dumpling filling is delicious, because the mushrooms contain a lot of water, so the soup in the dumplings will also be very rich.

After the dough is ready, knead it until smooth, roll it into a long strip, shape it into a small ball, roll out a slightly thin dumpling skin, and put the filling in the middle.

mushroom dumpling recipe

Put the two sides of the dumpling skin together on the index finger, and gently into Yuanbao dumplings by two thumbs . Repeat until all the dumplings are wrapped. Put them in a pot of boiling water and cook!

Easy tutorials for making mung bean crust and red bean filling mooncake


Share yummy recipe

This article intends to tell readers how to make mung bean crust and red been filling mooncake. You will know how to make it after you read our article. It is very easy to do as long as you are patient to read over the practices.

mung bean mooncake
mung bean mooncake

The practice of mung bean crust:

Soak the mung beans for two hours, rinse them well, put them in an electric pressure cooker and cook for 30 minutes. Put those cooked mung beans into the juicer to make a juice, filter the bean dregs with a colander and get the juice. Add a certain amount of mung bean juice to the flour, put it in a bag and let it rise for 20 minutes, knead it into a green dough, divide it into 25 grams and squash the dough.

Red bean paste practise:

Soak the red beans for two hours, rinse…

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Diy quick biscuit cake recipe

This piece intends to show you how to make quick biscuit cake recipe.


1  egg

20  grams of water

75g  caster sugar

200g  butter

80  grams of ground peanuts

1  pack of biscuits

100g  pure milk

100g  Chocolate sauce

quick biscuit cake recipe

The practice of biscuit cake:

The eggs are quickly beaten with an electric whisk until the color becomes lighter for later use.

Boil the water and sugar to 125 degrees until it becomes a little thick with a spoon.

Continue beating the eggs, adding the cooked sugar water while beating, and continue beating until the temperature drops.  

Beat the eggs and sugar water until the outside of the utensil is not hot. While beating, add the butter that has softened at room temperature in portions and stir evenly.

Finally add the chocolate sauce and stir well.

Take 6 biscuits and arrange them, brush the milk to soak the biscuits.

Spread butter cream on the biscuits with a small spatula.

Sprinkle ground peanuts evenly on the cream.

Spread some butter cream on the ground peanuts.

Then cover with a layer of biscuits (6 pieces), then brush the milk to soak the biscuits in the same way, and sprinkle the cream with crushed peanuts.

Lay a total of three layers, put the biscuits (6 pieces) on the top layer, and brush the milk to soak the biscuits.

Sprinkle with chocolate butter cream, evenly sprinkle ground peanuts on the surface, put it in the refrigerator for a few hours until the cream is solidified. Easy to take out, cut into small pieces with a knife and eat.

DIY lamb mince recipes: Lamb skewers

Tutorials on how to make lamb skewers as yummy lamb mince recipe.

Lamb skewers practice:

lamb mince recipe
lamb mince recipe
  1. Cut the lamb into evenly-sized pieces and put them in a large bowl.

2. Add salt, black pepper, five-spice powder and cumin powder.

3. Put in cumin.

4. Add rosemary.

5. Wash the onions, cut into diced pieces, and put in a bowl.

6. Slice ginger and put in a bowl.

7. Add sugar, mix well, and add a little oil.

8. Grab and mix evenly, marinate for half an hour.

9. Use iron brazing to make lamb skewers.

10. Turn the oven to a slightly higher temperature and wait for the temperature

to rise.

11. Put the meat skewers one by one, brush a little oil with a brush, turn it

over and brush again.

12. Turn over from time to time and bake until the meat is cooked.

Eight Chinese classic recipes you should know

This article will introduce eight major Chinese food. Even if you have never been to China to taste these food, you will understand how these food are used and the cultural background behind them after reading this article.

peking duck
peking duck

1. Peking duck

Roast duck is a famous Beijing dish with a world reputation. It was developed by the Han nationality in the Ming Dynasty and was a royal food at that time. The ingredients are high-quality meat duck Peking duck, roasted on charcoal fire, the color is ruddy, the meat is fat but not greasy, and the outside is crispy and tender inside. Beijing roast duck is divided into two major schools, and Beijing’s most famous roast duck restaurant is also the representative of the two schools. It is known as “the world’s delicacy” for its red color, tender meat, mellow taste, and fat but not greasy characteristics.

2. Laba Congee

On the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, you must drink a bowl of hot Laba porridge. The custom of drinking Laba porridge also began in the Song Dynasty. It comes from Buddhism. I just said that the Song Dynasty paid great attention to the use of porridge for health preservation. In terms of health, it also has another meaning. On the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, it is used to honor the gods of all walks of life, to pray, thank the gods for the harvest, and hope that the weather will be smooth in the coming year.

Laba porridge is cooked with yellow rice, white rice, river rice, millet, water chestnut rice, chestnuts, longan, red dates and other ingredients. It has the effects of improving eyesight, laxative and soothing the nerves. Drinking Laba porridge regularly can effectively prevent hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

3. Dumplings

Dumplings are an ancient traditional noodle dish of the Han nationality. They are deeply loved by the Chinese people. They are a must-eat for the Spring Festival every year in most parts of northern China. In many provinces and cities, there is also a habit of eating dumplings during the winter solstice. Dumplings are also commonly found in southern regions. This food. According to legend, it was invented by Zhang Zhongjing, a medical sage of Nanyang in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The history of dumplings has gone through a long and gradual process. In the late Ming Dynasty, Zhang Zilie made a good explanation: Fenjiao, northerners read Jiao Jiao, because they call dumpling bait, they are fake dumplings.”

  • Moon cakes

Moon cakes are a prestigious traditional snack of the Han nationality, a traditional festival food that is loved by the Chinese people. The moon cakes are also round and are eaten by the family. It symbolizes reunion and harmony. It is a must-eat on the Mid-Autumn Festival. Ancient moon cakes were eaten as sacrifices on the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is said that the custom of eating moon cakes on the Mid-Autumn Festival began in the Tang Dynasty. In the Northern Song Dynasty, it was popular in the palace, but it also spreads to the people. At that time, it was commonly known as “small cake” and “yue tuan”. In the Ming Dynasty, it became a common dietary custom for the whole people.

Today, there are more varieties and different flavors from place to place. Among them, Beijing-style, Soviet-style, Cantonese-style, Chao-style and other moon cakes are widely enjoyed by people from all over China.

moon cake
moon cake
  • Tofu

Tofu is a traditional soy product of the Han nationality. It is a green and healthy food invented by Liu An, the alchemist king of Huainan in the Han Dynasty. It was born on the Bagong Mountain between Shou County and Huainan City, Lu’an City, Anhui Province, so Shou County is also known as the hometown of tofu. The birth of tofu completely changed the fate of soybeans. Tofu makes it easier for the body to absorb and use soy protein; The soft and flexible personality of tofu leaves great room for creativity for Chinese people who are good at cooking. Therefore, tofu has been made into a wide range of dishes to suit people’s tastes and preferences in different regions. All these have sublimated ordinary soybeans.

Today, tofu has a history of more than 2,100 years, and is deeply loved by the people of our country, neighboring countries and people around the world. So far, it has a complete range of varieties, a wide variety of patterns, unique flavor, simple production process and convenient eating. Tofu is high in protein, low in fat, and has the effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat and lowering cholesterol. It is a good delicacy that can be used both raw and cooked, suitable for both the young and the old, to maintain health and maintain longevity. In Huainan City, Anhui Province, the hometown of Huainan King Liu An, there is an annual Tofu Culture Festival on September 15th. 


6. Lanzhou Ramen

Lanzhou beef noodles, also known as Lanzhou beef noodles in clear soup, is a local snack in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. The legend originated in the Tang Dynasty. It is based on the unique flavor of “the soup mirror is clear, the rotten meat is fragrant, and the noodles are fine” and “one clear, two white, three red, four green and five yellow”, one clear (tangqing), two white (radish) White), three red (chili oil red), four greens (pariander, garlic green), five yellow (noodles yellow bright), have won praise from customers at home and even around the world.

Lanzhou Ramen was rated as one of the three major Chinese fast food by the China Cuisine Association, and has been reputed as “China’s No. 1 Noodle”.

lanzhou ramen
lanzhou ramen

7. Hot pot

Hot pot originated in Luzhou, Sichuan. It was called “antique soup” in ancient times, and it was named after the “gudong” sound made when the material was poured into boiling water. It is an original Chinese cuisine with a long history. According to textual research, the Eastern Han cultural relic “Wotou” unearthed after liberation is a hot pot.

The hot pot in our country has a long history.

8. Zongzi

Zongzi, also known as “corn millet” and “tube dumplings”, is a traditional holiday food of the Han nationality during the Dragon Boat Festival. It is made by steaming glutinous rice wrapped in zong leaves. The legend was passed down to commemorate Qu Yuan. It is a traditional food with the deepest cultural accumulation in Chinese history and is deeply loved by people. In December 2010, two physical zongzi were unearthed from the Song Dynasty tomb in De’an County, Jiangxi Province. According to textual research, this is the earliest physical zongzi in the world.


As early as the Spring and Autumn Period, the “tube palm” appeared, and the rice dumplings combining medicine and food began to appear in the Liang Dynasty. Until now, on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar every year, Chinese people have to soak glutinous rice, wash zong leaves, and wrap zongzi. This custom has also spread to North Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries.

Chinese snack: How to make moon cake?

This article will introduce moon cake culture, five common moon cakes, and focus on the recipes and ingredients of Cantonese five-kernel moon cakes.

Moon cake culture

Mid-Autumn Festival has been an important festival in our country since ancient times. Chinese people pay attention to reunion, and the most complete day of the Mid-Autumn Festival of the year is naturally family reunion. During the three-day holiday, many people travel thousands of miles get together and leave in a hurry, but family members gather around the table. The reunion dinner and the moon cake I ate must be better than all the delicacies.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is inseparable from family members, and moon cakes are indispensable. When it comes to Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake culture, it is impossible to sum it up with dozens of pages. China’s five thousand years of cultural heritage can also be seen in moon cakes. There are many types of moon cake, and the taste is even more fantastic. The five-nut moon cakes that everyone discussed enthusiastically in the past few years have become hot searches on the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Through the evolution of history, the connotation of moon cakes has been enriched, and the status has been improved. It is not only a kind of food, but a symbol of “culture”. Eating moon cake is actually a kind of culture, a kind of atmosphere and a kind of emotion.

Chinese moon cake

Chinese moon cake

Modern moon cakes are also very particular about packaging and decoration. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, moon cake packaging is constantly rising in terms of grade, and the craftsmanship tends to be exquisite. The reproduction of moon cake culture is reflected in the moon cake packaging design. Moon cake packaging designs mostly include historical stories, folklore, paintings, calligraphy, poetry, sculptures, and modern design also incorporates computer production. Moon cake packaging materials are also becoming more sophisticated and have been based on the original paper and paper boxes. The breakthrough has been made with packaging made of wood, iron, plastic, bamboo and etc. And its shapes have been refurbished, making moon cake packaging more practical, ornamental, aesthetic and collection value, reflecting the history, tradition and sense of the times of moon cakes.

Now the “moon cake culture” is also developing with the progress of history. In recent years, fruit moon cakes, flower moon cakes, bean moon cakes, edible fungus moon cakes, low sugar moon cakes and etc have appeared in the market, thus pushing the “moon cake culture” to a new stage of development.

egg custard mooncake

5 common moon cakes

The first type: five-kernel moon cake

Five kernel moon cakes are quite classic and have a long history. They can be said to be the “originator” of the moon cake industry. Many types of moon cakes have evolved from it today.

The so-called five-kernel moon cakes refer to moon cakes made from five kinds of “nuts”: walnut kernel, almond, olive kernel, melon seed kernel and sesame kernel. In other words, only 5 kinds of “nuts” must be included in the filling of moon cakes before they can be called “five-kernel” moon cakes.

For many elder generations, five-kernel moon cakes are full of memories that make them unforgettable. Therefore, they prefer to eat five-kernel moon cakes. They feel that it tastes full of fragrant taste, and the more they chew, the more fragrant it is, and the aftertaste is long.

However, although five-kernel moon cakes are classic, many of the young people today don’t like to eat five-kernel moon cakes. They feel that it has a strange taste, a bit hard, and it has a lot of fillings, and it tastes full of scum. It’s like dark dishes.

traditional mooncake

Type 2: Bean Paste Moon cake

Bean paste moon cakes are also a kind of traditional moon cakes.

For many people who like to eat sweets, especially childkernel, they may prefer to eat bean paste moon cakes because it tastes sweet and delicate. Many moon cake factories still retain the product of red bean paste moon cake, and the sales are relatively objective.

The fillings of red bean paste moon cakes are often only red bean paste and white sugar. However, in recent years, many manufacturers have also made innovations and added other fillings to diversify the taste.

Type 3: Moon cake with egg yolk

Egg yolk moon cakes are one of the traditional Chinese moon cakes. They are very popular among men, women and childkernel, especially childkernel and the elderly with bad teeth. Generally speaking, the egg yolk in the egg yolk moon cake is made of real egg yolk, which will have a rusty and slightly salty feeling when eaten.

Type 4: Black Sesame Moon cake

Black sesame moon cakes are also more traditional moon cakes, and they are also more common in the market. The fillings of black sesame moon cakes are mainly black sesame and white sugar. One bite down, the crispy pastry crust is wrapped in soft but not greasy black sesame seeds, which makes people can’t help but applaud after eating.

Type 5: Moon cake with lotus seed paste

Lotus paste moon cakes are Cantonese-style moon cakes, one of the traditional flavors that many people like to eat.  

According to relevant production standards, the lotus seeds contained in the filling should not be less than 60%. However, many moon cake manufacturers may add other ingredients to their fillings, such as egg yolks, kidney beans, flavors and flour either to make the taste more delicious or save costs.

Among them, the lotus seed paste moon cake with egg yolk is also very popular in the market. The salty fragrance of the salty egg yolk and the soft sweetness of the lotus paste complement each other, making many people want to eat it.

These five kinds of moon cakes should be the most common moon cakes. Which one do you like best? Although the first type of five-kernel moon cakes is very classic, many people don’t like it.

Nowadays, many young people are more picky about eating. In order to meet their needs, moon cake merchants continue to innovate the fillings of moon cakes and introduce many new flavors of moon cakes, such as durian moon cakes, chocolate moon cakes, ham-flavored moon cakes, ice cream moon cakes and etc. They are very popular among young people.

Cantonese Five-Nen Moon Cake

Material 1

Flour: 150 grams

Milk powder: 8 grams

Invert syrup: 113 grams

Liquid soap: 2 grams

Cooked peanut oil: 40 grams

Salt: 1g

Material 2

Peeled and cooked peanuts

Ripe melon seeds

Cooked white sesame

Cooked walnuts

Ripe cashews

Sugar winter melon: (160g in total)

Cooked oil: 35 grams

Honey: 50 grams

Maltose: 50 grams

Cooked flour and glutinous rice flour: 140 grams (50% flour and 50% glutinous rice flour)

Cold boiled water: 30-50 grams

Liquid egg yolk

The practice of Cantonese five-kernel moon cakes

Add liquid water to the invert syrup and beat evenly. Then add oil, after whipping evenly, add salt, mix well, finally sift in flour, mix well, knead the dough, cover with plastic wrap, and relax for more than two hours.

All kinds of nuts are peeled in advance, fried, peeled, and crushed (does not need to be finely crushed, it is more delicious to have a grainy texture).

Put flour and glutinous rice flour in a microwave oven at a ratio of 1:1 for 3 minutes.

Pour the crushed nuts into a container, add honey, maltose, cooked flour and cooked glutinous rice flour, cooked oil, cold boiled water, stir evenly, and hold it with your hands to form a dough.

Divide the loose crust into 30 grams each and round it. Divide the five-nut stuffing into 50g/piece.

Take a pie crust, pat it slightly and turn it round, put a five-kernel filling into the palm of your left hand, push the filling in your right hand, and at the same time rotate the left hand to push the crust evenly against the filling until it covers the whole filling, close the mouth and squeeze into a green body. Roll the dough in the flour pile, shake off the excess flour, and place it in a mold.

Press down evenly with your hands, lift up the moon cake mold, push out the moon cake, and put it into the baking tray with tin foil at intervals.

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees, the middle layer, bake for 5 minutes, take it out, let it cool, brush with egg yolk liquid, put it into the oven, drop to 150 degrees, and bake for about 10 minutes until the surface is evenly colored.

After the moon cakes are completely cooled, put them in a fresh-keeping bag and seal them back to the oil for 2-3 days before eating.


1. If you don’t have liquid soap, you can make it yourself: edible alkali and water can be mixed evenly in a ratio of 1:3.

2. For five kernels, you can choose diffekernelt kernels according to your prefekernelce. If they are raw, they should be cooked in a dry pan in advance, or baked at 150 degrees in an oven. The time varies. Pay attention to it and take it out. Rub it between your fingers, and the skin will be cooked when it can be rubbed off.

3. Cooked oil is the oil that has been heated, just use the usual wok to heat it up.

4. Honey can be replaced with white sugar, but I think honey is healthier, so I put honey in it. The amount can be added according to your taste.

5. The amount of cold white boil should also be controlled according to the actual situation and the hardness of the filling. You can hold it in your hand and keep it in a ball.

6. If you are worried that the syrup will not boil well, you can buy the finished syrup online.

Chinese recipe: How to make zongzi?

This piece intends to tell you how to make zongzi step by step. We will start to introduce the Chinese sticky rice dumpling culture firstly, then tell you how to choose materials and DIY zongzi.

China zongzi Culture.

Zongzi is the Dragon Boat Festival food. The custom of eating zongzi has prevailed in China for thousands of years. Zongzi, as one of the traditional food with the deepest accumulation in Chinese history and culture, has spread far and wide, spreading to North Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries.  

There are many types of zongzi, and different regions have different zongzi cultures. From the perspective of the fillings, there are many Beijing jujube zongzi in the north; In the south, there are many fillings such as mung beans, pork belly, red bean paste, eight treasures, ham, mushrooms and egg yolks. Beijing Zongzi is the representative of the North, most of which are glutinous zongzi, and the South is represented by Guangdong. Generally, there are salted meat  zongzi, water zongzi and bean paste zongzi. 

The shape of zongzi is also different in different regions. Generally, there are various shapes such as regular triangle, regular tetragon, pointed triangle, square, long and so on. 

In “A bite of China”, Jiaxing Zongzi is recorded. Jiaxing Zongzi is a traditional famous spot in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. It is famous for being glutinous but not sticky, fat but not greasy, fragrant and delicious, moderately salty and sweet. Especially the fresh meat dumplings are the most famous, known as the “king of zongzi”. Jiaxing zongzi is popular among tourists because of their delicious taste, convenient carrying and eating, and are known as “Oriental Fast Food”. 

Wufangzhai Zongzi is known as the “Jiangnan Zongzi King” and is famous for being glutinous but not rotten, fat but not greasy, tender and fragrant, and moderately salty and sweet. Jiaxing Wufangzhai Zongzi has dozens of colorful varieties such as meat zongzi, bean paste, and egg yolks.

Below we introduce the red bean zongzi method:

The red bean rice zongzi most commonly eaten when I was young, rice fragrant, bean fragrant, zongye fragrant,

The taste of true colors is also the most missed taste.

Chinese zongzi

Materials of Chinese zongzi

Glutinous rice: 600 grams

Red beans: 300 grams

Fresh zong leaves: 50 sheets

Cotton thread: some

How to make red bean zongzi:

1. Preparation: soak the red beans in cold water for more than 8 hours in advance, soak the glutinous rice for 4 hours in advance (if you like a firmer texture, the glutinous rice may not soak), and then mix them together for later use (the red beans must be fully soaked to make it easier cooked).

2. Soak the zong leaves in advance and brush them clean, and cut the cotton thread to the length required for dressing.

3. Bao Zongzi: The zongzi leaves are rolled up into a funnel shape.

4. Fill in glutinous rice and red beans, press down the top of the zong leaves, press the stuffing in the funnel tightly, and cover both sides of the zong leaves in the funnel. 

Fold them down separately and tie them tightly with cotton thread.

5. Boil Zongzi: Put the wrapped zongzi after the water is boiled. The water should soak the rice dumplings. When the water is boiled again, cook for more than 2-3 hours and simmer for a while until cooked ( I use electricity ) For the pressure cooker, it is also boiled under boiling water. It takes about 45 minutes, and it will be simmered for a while). The cooking time should be adjusted according to the overall amount and the utensils used. 

6. The cooked zongzi can be eaten with sugar or honey.