Chinese snack: How to make moon cake?

This article will introduce moon cake culture, five common moon cakes, and focus on the recipes and ingredients of Cantonese five-kernel moon cakes.

Moon cake culture

Mid-Autumn Festival has been an important festival in our country since ancient times. Chinese people pay attention to reunion, and the most complete day of the Mid-Autumn Festival of the year is naturally family reunion. During the three-day holiday, many people travel thousands of miles get together and leave in a hurry, but family members gather around the table. The reunion dinner and the moon cake I ate must be better than all the delicacies.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is inseparable from family members, and moon cakes are indispensable. When it comes to Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake culture, it is impossible to sum it up with dozens of pages. China’s five thousand years of cultural heritage can also be seen in moon cakes. There are many types of moon cake, and the taste is even more fantastic. The five-nut moon cakes that everyone discussed enthusiastically in the past few years have become hot searches on the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Through the evolution of history, the connotation of moon cakes has been enriched, and the status has been improved. It is not only a kind of food, but a symbol of “culture”. Eating moon cake is actually a kind of culture, a kind of atmosphere and a kind of emotion.

Chinese moon cake

Chinese moon cake

Modern moon cakes are also very particular about packaging and decoration. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, moon cake packaging is constantly rising in terms of grade, and the craftsmanship tends to be exquisite. The reproduction of moon cake culture is reflected in the moon cake packaging design. Moon cake packaging designs mostly include historical stories, folklore, paintings, calligraphy, poetry, sculptures, and modern design also incorporates computer production. Moon cake packaging materials are also becoming more sophisticated and have been based on the original paper and paper boxes. The breakthrough has been made with packaging made of wood, iron, plastic, bamboo and etc. And its shapes have been refurbished, making moon cake packaging more practical, ornamental, aesthetic and collection value, reflecting the history, tradition and sense of the times of moon cakes.

Now the “moon cake culture” is also developing with the progress of history. In recent years, fruit moon cakes, flower moon cakes, bean moon cakes, edible fungus moon cakes, low sugar moon cakes and etc have appeared in the market, thus pushing the “moon cake culture” to a new stage of development.

egg custard mooncake

5 common moon cakes

The first type: five-kernel moon cake

Five kernel moon cakes are quite classic and have a long history. They can be said to be the “originator” of the moon cake industry. Many types of moon cakes have evolved from it today.

The so-called five-kernel moon cakes refer to moon cakes made from five kinds of “nuts”: walnut kernel, almond, olive kernel, melon seed kernel and sesame kernel. In other words, only 5 kinds of “nuts” must be included in the filling of moon cakes before they can be called “five-kernel” moon cakes.

For many elder generations, five-kernel moon cakes are full of memories that make them unforgettable. Therefore, they prefer to eat five-kernel moon cakes. They feel that it tastes full of fragrant taste, and the more they chew, the more fragrant it is, and the aftertaste is long.

However, although five-kernel moon cakes are classic, many of the young people today don’t like to eat five-kernel moon cakes. They feel that it has a strange taste, a bit hard, and it has a lot of fillings, and it tastes full of scum. It’s like dark dishes.

traditional mooncake

Type 2: Bean Paste Moon cake

Bean paste moon cakes are also a kind of traditional moon cakes.

For many people who like to eat sweets, especially childkernel, they may prefer to eat bean paste moon cakes because it tastes sweet and delicate. Many moon cake factories still retain the product of red bean paste moon cake, and the sales are relatively objective.

The fillings of red bean paste moon cakes are often only red bean paste and white sugar. However, in recent years, many manufacturers have also made innovations and added other fillings to diversify the taste.

Type 3: Moon cake with egg yolk

Egg yolk moon cakes are one of the traditional Chinese moon cakes. They are very popular among men, women and childkernel, especially childkernel and the elderly with bad teeth. Generally speaking, the egg yolk in the egg yolk moon cake is made of real egg yolk, which will have a rusty and slightly salty feeling when eaten.

Type 4: Black Sesame Moon cake

Black sesame moon cakes are also more traditional moon cakes, and they are also more common in the market. The fillings of black sesame moon cakes are mainly black sesame and white sugar. One bite down, the crispy pastry crust is wrapped in soft but not greasy black sesame seeds, which makes people can’t help but applaud after eating.

Type 5: Moon cake with lotus seed paste

Lotus paste moon cakes are Cantonese-style moon cakes, one of the traditional flavors that many people like to eat.  

According to relevant production standards, the lotus seeds contained in the filling should not be less than 60%. However, many moon cake manufacturers may add other ingredients to their fillings, such as egg yolks, kidney beans, flavors and flour either to make the taste more delicious or save costs.

Among them, the lotus seed paste moon cake with egg yolk is also very popular in the market. The salty fragrance of the salty egg yolk and the soft sweetness of the lotus paste complement each other, making many people want to eat it.

These five kinds of moon cakes should be the most common moon cakes. Which one do you like best? Although the first type of five-kernel moon cakes is very classic, many people don’t like it.

Nowadays, many young people are more picky about eating. In order to meet their needs, moon cake merchants continue to innovate the fillings of moon cakes and introduce many new flavors of moon cakes, such as durian moon cakes, chocolate moon cakes, ham-flavored moon cakes, ice cream moon cakes and etc. They are very popular among young people.

Cantonese Five-Nen Moon Cake

Material 1

Flour: 150 grams

Milk powder: 8 grams

Invert syrup: 113 grams

Liquid soap: 2 grams

Cooked peanut oil: 40 grams

Salt: 1g

Material 2

Peeled and cooked peanuts

Ripe melon seeds

Cooked white sesame

Cooked walnuts

Ripe cashews

Sugar winter melon: (160g in total)

Cooked oil: 35 grams

Honey: 50 grams

Maltose: 50 grams

Cooked flour and glutinous rice flour: 140 grams (50% flour and 50% glutinous rice flour)

Cold boiled water: 30-50 grams

Liquid egg yolk

The practice of Cantonese five-kernel moon cakes

Add liquid water to the invert syrup and beat evenly. Then add oil, after whipping evenly, add salt, mix well, finally sift in flour, mix well, knead the dough, cover with plastic wrap, and relax for more than two hours.

All kinds of nuts are peeled in advance, fried, peeled, and crushed (does not need to be finely crushed, it is more delicious to have a grainy texture).

Put flour and glutinous rice flour in a microwave oven at a ratio of 1:1 for 3 minutes.

Pour the crushed nuts into a container, add honey, maltose, cooked flour and cooked glutinous rice flour, cooked oil, cold boiled water, stir evenly, and hold it with your hands to form a dough.

Divide the loose crust into 30 grams each and round it. Divide the five-nut stuffing into 50g/piece.

Take a pie crust, pat it slightly and turn it round, put a five-kernel filling into the palm of your left hand, push the filling in your right hand, and at the same time rotate the left hand to push the crust evenly against the filling until it covers the whole filling, close the mouth and squeeze into a green body. Roll the dough in the flour pile, shake off the excess flour, and place it in a mold.

Press down evenly with your hands, lift up the moon cake mold, push out the moon cake, and put it into the baking tray with tin foil at intervals.

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees, the middle layer, bake for 5 minutes, take it out, let it cool, brush with egg yolk liquid, put it into the oven, drop to 150 degrees, and bake for about 10 minutes until the surface is evenly colored.

After the moon cakes are completely cooled, put them in a fresh-keeping bag and seal them back to the oil for 2-3 days before eating.


1. If you don’t have liquid soap, you can make it yourself: edible alkali and water can be mixed evenly in a ratio of 1:3.

2. For five kernels, you can choose diffekernelt kernels according to your prefekernelce. If they are raw, they should be cooked in a dry pan in advance, or baked at 150 degrees in an oven. The time varies. Pay attention to it and take it out. Rub it between your fingers, and the skin will be cooked when it can be rubbed off.

3. Cooked oil is the oil that has been heated, just use the usual wok to heat it up.

4. Honey can be replaced with white sugar, but I think honey is healthier, so I put honey in it. The amount can be added according to your taste.

5. The amount of cold white boil should also be controlled according to the actual situation and the hardness of the filling. You can hold it in your hand and keep it in a ball.

6. If you are worried that the syrup will not boil well, you can buy the finished syrup online.